Message from Mr. S. A. Hussny - Chairman / Managing Director

Industry Overview

Every country’s economic sectors, including agriculture, industry and services, depend on water resources and related services. Improved access to water and better management of water resources contribute substantially to economic growth through increasing business productivity and development besides improving the human health and productivity considerably. There is a positive correlation between increased national income and the proportion of population with access to improved water supply.

According to the study a 0.3% increase in investment in household access to safe water is associated with 1% increase in GDP. Thus water and related services imperatively becomes a part of the economic development.

Market opportunities related to the water sector are expected to reach USD 1 trillion by 2025. Companies that are early to respond and take steps to exploit the market opportunities associated with these water –related challenges are more likely to gain a competitive advantage and achieve commercial success.

The water market is considered to be one of immense potential with an estimated 250 million business consumers for various types of products and services. The water demand provides innovators and entrepreneurs with a watershed
moment to join state procurers and contractors who are scouting the solutions. We have identified needs of the events in water industry and worked towards the best interest of our clients to match their preferences and requirements.

Our Company

In Sri Lanka if you are looking for bottle and jars ranging from 15ml to 25000ml Platz International (Pvt) Ltd. is your only choice. No other company in Sri Lanka offers you so extensive a range. Along with the widest range of volumes, We also offers you jars, bottles and preforms in every possible shapes and sizes. Having said that, our company is Sri Lanka one of the most respected manufacturers of Pet Preforms/Bottles.

Every preform/bottle rolls out from state-of the-art Japanese and Taiwan machines. No wonder the end product is carefully finished, smooth, with flash-free necks, tailless and uniformed wall thickness with high clarity. The preforms are so designed that while blowing, the material gets distributed evenly, thereby making absolutely sturdy bottles.

You might ask how our preforms are very superior quality, aid in trouble-free production and even zero rejection. The reason is simple, our preforms are manufactured observing strict quality control. This saves you a considerable amount of your valuable time as well as production cost importantly, we also ensures strict tests at every stage. The designing department provides newer, effective and creative solutions, catering to every requirements of the customer.

Our Company also is specialized in producing and marketing water appliances such as water dispenser, RO system, water purifier, piping water dispenser, and straight drinking water machines under the brand “PLATZ”. Over the years, we have successfully partnered with many big and small distributors around the country, working closely to develop the market and gaining recognition from local governmental institutions, and major infrastructures, such as international airports, national hospitals and prestigious universities on top of the many homes and families throughout the country. Our determination to provide eco-conscious products is one of the major objectives we continue to strive for our range of water treatment products spans from commercial to residential, from large capacity water dispensers and RO plants for
public usage to smaller models and designs for homes and a variety of filtration choices including PP, Activated Carbon,
UF (Hollow Membrane).

The company has “PLATZ” brand with superb production technology, strict quality management and quality service. The company won a good reputation, sales network, throughout the country. Our company adhering to the ” Strict
Quality, Reputation, Integrity, Customer first policy, Continue to meet customer needs, Strengthen the sense of competition and Improved Product Sales” as the company policy.